EXTERMINATE! Space Monsters 5 Interactive - in COLOUR is OUT NOW!

Would you care for a Jelly Baby?! Issue 5 of Space Monsters Magazine is OUT NOW! And this time there's a twist! Not only are we proud to present the spectacular full colour edition of the magazine, we are now including links so that you can experience (where we can) everything that we're talking out. We have also included links to ENTIRE movies! SM5 is crammed with more features than you can shake yer sonic screwdriver at! This time we have

* HIDING BEHIND THE SOFA - Pete Shorney looks at some of Doctor Who's scariest stories
* TOP TEN EVIL BRAIN MOVIES - Nazi brains, transplanted brains and brains from outer space!
* THE CAROLINE MUNRO DIARIES - Britain’s first lady of fantasy recalls her involvement with the two doctors, Doctor Who and Dr Pepper!
* A FISTFUL OF MONSTERS - Did you know that Clint Eastwood's career began in B-Movie monster flicks?
* MATANGO: FUNGUS OF TERROR - Retro review by Rick Gladman
* KIRK DOUGLAS' TRIPTYCH OF TERROR - Holocaust 2000, The Fury and Saturn 3; Jonathan Dabell looks at the unholy B-Movie trinity of Hollywood star Kirk Douglas

* And much, much more!
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