Space Monster 6 Interactive in COLOUR is NOW AVAILABLE!!!

Jinkies! It’s been a busy few months since the last issue and with the Hallowe’en/ Thanksgiving season upon us it’s only going to get busier! Space Monsters is involved in various events and festivals some of which are previewed in this very issue! In fact we have crammed so much into this issue it's it's bursting full of monstery goodness!

This time we have:

* EIGHTY YEARS OF HAMMER FILMS - James Simpson traces the history of Hammer from its inception to its return from the grave and beyond
* THE CAROLINE MUNRO DIARIES - This issue Caroline shares her thoughts on Hammer Films and the London Westminster Film Convention
* TRACK OF THE MOON BEAST - Retro Review by Ernie Magnotta
* STARCRASH - Star Wars meets Barbarella in this tacky Space Opera reviewed once more by Ernie Magnotta
* DR CYCLOPS - Eric McNaughton casts a beady eye over this classic 1940s scoff horror
* An American in Love with British Sci-Fi - Robert Morganbesser sings the praises of Britain’s contributions to the sci-fi lexicon

* And much, much more!
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